Watermite Bibliography with Detail
AuthorPešić, V., Gerecke R. &
Cîmpean M. 
TitleWater mites of the genus Neumania Lebert (Acari, Hydrachnidia:Unionicolidae: Pionatacinae) in the Mediterranean area.  
journalAnn. Limnol. - Int. J. Lim. 43 (3): 187-198. 
KeywordsSyst., Faun. 
AbstractA catalogue of the water mites of the genus Neumania Lebert is given for the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Morphological details and taxonomical position are discussed. For each species, geographical distribution and habitat preference are given. The following synonyms are established: Neumania algeriensis Bader, 1989 = N. seurati Walter, 1931; N. atlantida Lundblad, 1942 = N. uncinata Walter, 1927. The synonymization of N. agilis Koenike, 1916 with N. limosa (Koch, 1836) is confirmed. Due to incomplete description and lack of type material, N. vietsi Husiatinschi, 1937 should be considered a species incerta. The following first records are given for national faunas: Neumania elliptica (France, Italy); N. phreaticola (Italy, Slovenia); N. uncinata (Greece, Israel, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).  
Systematik Hydrachnidia