Watermite Bibliography with Detail
AuthorSmit H. 
TitleNew and rare water mites from New Caledonia.  
journalIn: Grandcolas P. (ed.), Zoologia Neocaledonica 7. Biodiversity studies in New Caledonia. Mémoires du Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle 198: 391-419. 
AbstractExaminations of water mites collected in New Caledonia between 1996 and 2005 resulted in 13 species new to science: Javathyas neocaledonicus n. sp., Frontipoda mouensis n. sp., F. purpurea n. sp., Aspidiobates brevipes n. sp., A. convexus n. sp., A. denticulatus n. sp., A. longisetus n. sp., A. simplipalpis n. sp., A. villosus n. sp., Caledoniabates asper n. sp., Gondwanabates neocaledonicus n. sp., Recifella stygophila n. sp. and Nudomideopsis maryae n. sp. The male of Aspidiobates rarus Smit and the female of A. minutus Smit are described for the first time, while a redescription is given for the male of A. minutus Smit. A key is presented for all New Caledonian Aspidiobates species. The males of Koenikea solitaria Smit and Arrenurus expansipalpis (Smit) n. comb. are described for the first time. Diplodontus haliki Lundblad is reported for the first time from New Caledonia. 
Systematik Hydrachnidia