Dr. Peter Martin
Address: Zoologisches Institut
24098 Kiel
Phone: +49-(0)431-8804136
Fax: +49-(0)431-8804368
E-Mail: pmartin@zoologie.uni-kiel.de
Web-Site: http://www.uni-kiel.de/zoologie/institut/limnologie/pm_home.htm

Research Topics

  • Autecology of water mites, mainly from running waters and springs 
    My thesis dealt with different autecological aspects of the water mites species of two small streams in the North German Lowland (e.g. food and feeding behaviour, sexual biology, development, life cycles). The work focused on larval morphology and host-parasite-associations.
    Recently working on larval morphology, host range and habitat-relationships of crenobiontic water mite species from representative springs of Luxemburgian highlands. This study is a commissioned work of the Musée national d`histoire naturelle Luxembourg (MNHN). The life cycle of water mites from interstitial is nearly unknown. By a parallel study of potential hosts from two small streams with a rich interstitial-living water mite fauna the question will be cleared whether those mites suppress its parasitic larval stage or not.
    A previous study was furthered by grants from the foundation "Pro Acarologia Basiliensis" (PAB). The project focuses on the reasons for the mites’ association with springs. The larval morphology and host-parasite associations were the main topics of this project too. The analysis of parts of the study is still going on. At the same time a data base was built with respect to larval morphology and host-parasite associations of the water mites of the W-Palaearctis region. Parts of the data base are published in the internet (larval descriptions, hosts).
    For the future faunistic and life cycle studies of spring living water mites from the North German Lowlands are planned. 
  • Taxonomy of water mites from running waters
    Studies on taxonomy of different streams of North Germany were carried out and will be conducted in the future. This work aims at a wide faunistic knowledge and may be used in the typology of Lowland streams. 
    Another faunistic study on the water mite fauna of streams in a South Germany region (Baden-Württemberg) is in progress (together with Dr. R. Brinkmann).
    Additionally, water mites from larger streams and rivers were determined from Luxemburg.
  • Morphology and host-parasite-associations of selected species
    Special aspects of host-parasite associations and life cycle of selected species of Europe, South America and Australia will be studied in co-operation with Prof. K. Böttger, Prof. J. Schwoerbel, Prof. C. Davids and Dr. H. Smit.


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