Diplom-Biologe Sebastian Scheidegger
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on the reason due to the situation on the labour market just hobby biologist

Research Topics

Influence of predatory water mites on Daphnia populations 
Water mites constitute a typical part of species assemblages in limnic waters and must be considered as top-predators in these biotopes. However their interference with other parts of the ecosystem as well as possible influences on their prey are usually overlooked in ecological observations. With the example of Eylais spp., Piona spp. and Unionicola spp., preying on Cladocera as nymphs and adults, the role of water mites in limnic ecosystems will be studied. The phenology of water mites as well as their cladoceran prey will be documented in the field, consumption rates at different environmental conditions will be investigated in laboratory.

Dear Water Mite Friends,

Most of you already noticed that during the last weeks our webpage has not been updated. I think I owe you some explanations on this subject, i.e. news about me and the future appearance of our page.

First of all: sorry for not having updated our page, but I wasn't online for a longer period and I'am only back again since some days, I hope you will understand.

What happened is ...

I got the last financial support for my Ph.D. studies in March and didn't find any further financial help. As I was not very interested in a job at McDonalds or similar to continue my work, I looked for a job as biologist since last year. I have written a lot of applications, unfortunately without result.

I finally found a job, unfortunately it has nothing to do with biology. I have changed my outdoor clothes against business suits, and I'm working in the monitoring division of the revenue management office of the flight company Lufthansa Cargo. It's quite different, but in my opinion a very interesting and good job.

I will try to do some further studies in my leisure time and my intention is to keep the water mite homepage alive. Don't be afraid, I will continue, you can send me your information and updates, although it will certainly only be possible to work on it during the weekends.

You see, everything will nearly continue as before, and I am happy that I found a job after having spent a long and hard time to find one!

So, these are my news, let's go on,

with best wishes to all of you,